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Watch the Solar Farms forum


The June 6 Solar Farms forum can now be viewed online at ECTV2, and will premier on Channel 191 on July 1 at 7:00 PM.

Click here to watch the forum online.

We’d love for you to watch the entire program, but here are the start times for the individual speakers if you’d like to skip around:

Dick Carkner:     18:55

Kathi Pritchard:    29:00

Marlene Pfeifer:     43:00

Howard Lyman:     48:42

Kelly McLain:     58:00

Paul Jewell:     1:08:17

Questions:     1:15:30

Thanks again to our co-sponsor, Ellensburg Library, videographer Ray Moyer, our speakers, researcher Natasha Johnson, and moderator Stefanie Wickstrom.

Because some of the people we asked to speak at the forum declined our invitation, there were more speakers against the Columbia Solar Projects than were in favor. And we’re not even sure if the eloquent Howard Lyman endorses the TUUSSO projects, though he wants farmers to have the option of putting solar facilities on a portion of their farm land if they wish, and asks that solar facilities not be zoned out of irrigated farm land.

If you’d like to read a viewpoint that differs from many of our panelists, go to The Daily Record for Barry Brunson’s take.


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