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Initiative 1631 – Carbon Emissions Fee Measure

The League of Women Voters endorses and supports passage of this Initiative. Is it perfect? Not even close. But one thing is very clear: in the long run, our children and grandchildren will be much better off WITH a carbon pricing system than without one.

It is essential that we pass 1631. We do our children and grandchildren a disservice when we insist on the perfect solution because every year, every month, counts. Frankly, there IS no perfect solution to what mankind has done to its one and only planet, so let’s get this passed and work on making it better after the fact.

WHAT IS IT? It’s a fee assessed on carbon emissions of large emitters (refineries, power generators relying on natural gas, etc.). Exemptions include TransAlta coal, public transportation, marine & agricultural fuels and 20 others.

WHY DO WE NEED IT? Climate change is here. If nothing is done, future generations face extreme weather, rising oceans, health challenges and more.

WHERE WILL THE FEES GO? If passed, the fees would be distributed into 3 funds: (1) a fund for air quality and energy programs and projects, (2) a fund for water quality and forest health projects, and (3) a fund for investments related to communities.

Read more about this initiative, including who is pumping in the most money (hint: oil companies in campaign against), by checking out our 2018 ballot page. Please follow all the links and learn all you can before making your decision on this critical initiative.


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