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Take Action to Support Democracy!
At the League, we are excited about the new session of Congress and we are proud to support a new piece of legislation–HR1: For the People Act– which stands to improve American elections by making our elections more free, fair, and accessible to all eligible Americans.  
Welcome Representative Schrier to Washington, DC, with a call urging her to support HR1

Call today! Once you enter your information, the system will call you and connect you directly to your Representative’s office. There is even have a script available to help you make your call.

In November, voters sent a clear message across the country that they are ready for bold, comprehensive democracy reforms. Now, the League is working with a broad coalition of over 100 organizations to draft and shape HR1, a policy reform package that will include key democracy provisions:

Here’s more information on HR1 and the League’s support.

Reprinted from LWV December Highlights newsletter, January 1, 2019 edition.

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