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2019 Legislative Wrap: Healthcare, Behavioral Health, and Repro Rights

With the passage of 2SHB 1087, Washington State is the first in the nation establish a Long-term Care Trust Act.

From LWVWA Legislative Newsletter:

Several other bills that passed are steps toward improved transparency for consumers of health insurance and price control of health services. Behavioral health and reproductive health services both have new laws for expanded services and protections.

SHB 1199 Concerning health care for working individuals with disabilities. Summary of Public Testimony: ‘People with disabilities should be able to work without having to choose between getting paid more money, working more hours or giving up their Medicaid benefits. This bill also alleviates the numerous restrictions that are placed on people with disabilities and simplifies the eligibility process so that people do not fear that employment will jeopardize their health care’. Passed the House 97-0. Passed the Senate 46-0, 3 excused. Signed by the Governor on April 19, 2019. 

SB 5032 Concerning Medicare supplemental insurance policies. Requested by the Insurance Commissioner. Commonly known as ‘Medigap’, this bill adds the standardized Medicare supplement ‘policy G with high deductible’ to the list of policies that every issuer of Medicare supplement policies in Washington must offer. Passed the Senate 47-0, 2 excused. Passed the House 93-0, 5 excused. Signed by the Governor on April 17, 2019. 

SB 5444 Providing timely competency evaluations and restoration services to persons suffering from behavioral health disorders within the framework of the forensic mental health care system consistent with the requirements agreed to in the Trueblood settlement agreement.  The Trueblood settlement obligates the state to take numerous actions calculated to speed the delivery of competency evaluation and restoration services.

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