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CLOSE the revolving door from legislator to lobbyist

Washington state is way behind – someone can be a legislator one day and return as a lobbyist the next. This year we have a real chance at passing something the LWV has been working on for years: prohibiting legislators from leaving office and immediately taking a job as a lobbyist. This practice is so problematic that over 31 states and even Congress prohibit it. Please support passage of HB 1067 and SB 5033 by contacting your legislators here. #NoRevolvingDoor

Bring High Capacity Magazine Bills to a Vote

Restricting High Capacity Magazines HB 2240 and SB 6077 can save lives and injuries while protecting our most vulnerable residents. Please urge your legislators to move bills to the floor of the respective chambers for a vote of the entire body. Send your message here. #GunSafety

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