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Daily Democracy Task – Establish Dental Therapist

Only about 25% of adults and 50% of all children have access to dental care. Establishing dental therapists would alleviate a great health care need, particularly in rural areas. Contact Representatives Dent & Ybarra to urge passage of HB 1317.


HB 1317 will improve access to dental care for many people who are locked out of the dental system, including children and adults without dental coverage, and Indian health clinics in urban settings that are not within the tribal boundaries, providing culturally appropriate care to urban Indian populations as well as individuals who are publicly insured and under-insured.

A dental therapist may only practice under the supervision of a licensed dentist and pursuant to a written practice plan contract with a supervising dentist. Contact Representatives Dent & Ybarra to pass HB 1317 today.

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