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How does this treasure hunt thing work?

Step 1 Download and print this Democracy Rocks! Treasure Hunt Log. Enter your name, your age, and your phone number on the top.

Step 2 Drive around communities in the county and look for painted rocks/yarn projects with this installation tag.

On the back of this tag is a number and a message!

Step 3 Record the message on the back of the tag and its tag number on your Treasure Hunt Log. Find as many Democracy Rocks! installations as you can during the contest dates:

Step 4 Take selfies. We have several prize categories for selfies (and they all have to include a Democracy Rocks! treasure): Best selfie with your favorite DR hunt treasure (you must get the tag number in the photo and tell us why it’s your favorite when you submit the photo); Funniest selfie with a DR hunt treasure; Best team selfie with a DR hunt treasure; we will accept only one selfie per prize category per person/team, so make it count! NOTE: Winning photos will be shared on social media.

Leave each installation as you found it, for others to find

Step 5 Turn in your completed Treasure Hunt log and selfies to us to be eligible for prizes! Email log and photos to or mail them through the Post Office to LWVKC, P.O. Box 331, Ellensburg WA 98926.

Step 6 Watch our social media sites for hints and other teasers!

Win prizes!

Prizes (gift certificates to Ellensburg Floral, 509 Bake House, Mountain High Sports and more) will be awarded for: Youngest participant, Oldest participant, Best selfie with a hunt treasure, Funniest treasure hunt selfie, and much more!

Join the fun!

Winners will be notified during Labor Day week.

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