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With all the craziness this year has thrown at us, it is easy to forget that we may have neglected to keep our voter registration information current. Outdated information might mean a ballot is delayed or misdirected. This includes:

Your ballot might also be missing because the auditor has received information that has resulted in your voter registration being marked ‘inactive’.

It is easy to check on your voter registration information. You may do so in person at the County Auditor’s office or you can go online to check.

Check Your Voter Registration in 3 Easy Steps!

STEP ONE: go to or scan this QR code with your smart phone camera.

STEP TWO: Enter your legal name and birthdate and click the Submit button.

STEP THREE: Confirm that your registration status is “Active” and your residential address is correct. If it’s not, click the “update my name or address” blue button to update your information.

That’s it. Contact the County Auditor’s office immediately for a replacement if your ballot has not arrived by Oct. 19.

Vote. It matters.

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