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HIT 90!

Though we take no credit for it, we are thrilled with the early high returns of ballots – essentially 50% of our friends and neighbors have already sent in their ballots. Kudos to you!

At the start of this election, the League of Women Voters Kittitas County challenged county residents to a voter turnout in the 90% range. During the last presidential election year, voters in our county turned out in the low 80% range so we figured it was do-able. To help encourage each other, we launched #MyStarting5 campaign to urge you to tag 5 friends/family members to register and vote. We also challenged county school districts to online voter registration of their eligible students.


Election #Ballots IssuedDifference2016 vs 2020
2016 Presidential24,521
2020 Presidential Primary27,389+2,868
2020 Presidential as of 10/1329,249+1,860+4,728
2020 Presidential as of 10/2630,077+828+5,556
Kittitas County Registered Voters

We are even more thrilled with the numbers of residents who have registered SINCE ballots were mailed out on October 13th. According to the Auditor, 29,249 ballots were mailed out to registered voters in Kittitas County on October 13th. However, if you look closely at the graphic below, you will notice it now says 30,077 ballots were issued.

Screenshot of Kittitas County Current Ballot Returns Page, 10/26/20

That means that since October 13th, 828 more residents have registered to vote. This is absolutely awesome news! So nagging friends and family to register and vote is clearly working – KEEP IT UP! Tag 5 friends/family and keep on them to register and vote in this election.

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