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From LWVWA Legislative Team

Ask Senate Environment Committee to hold Washington STRONG Act vote

Senate Bill 5373, or Washington STRONG, will secure up to $16 billion for investments to assist in post-pandemic recovery, reduce the state’s carbon footprint, and reduce the effects of climate change and pollution in marginalized communities both urban and rural. Funding begins with tax obligation bonds that can begin achieving results quickly and that will be repaid with a tax on carbon. Last week, the bill received a hearing in the Senate Committee on Environment, Energy and Technology, but we need a vote in that committee to move it toward a vote on the Senate floor. Click here to ask the Senate Environment Committee to hold a vote on the Washington STRONG Act.

Let’s get rid of advisory votes – They are irrelevant and change nothing

Senate Bill 5182 would remove advisory votes from the ballot. They create voter confusion and discouragement, and often leave voters feeling so overwhelmed that they do not vote the entire ballot. The advisory votes are misleading to voters, because they are about decisions that have already been made. They add significantly to the costs of elections and voters are not informed about them because reliable information is virtually impossible to find.  SB 5182 must pass the Senate by Tuesday and it’s important for Senators to know there is also support for this in the House. Click here to send this email now!

Want to do more?

Click here to see current actions to take this week, such as ranked choice voting, police use of force, and wildfire costs & risks.

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