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…is a project of LWV Kittitas County and LWV Skagit County.

Katherine Murphy (Kittitas County LWV) and Wende Sanderson (Skagit County LWV) invented the Cultivating Civic Conversations (CCC) program to meet the need expressed by many new League members as well as community members who want “to learn how everything works.” Since that is a tall order, we decided to use a seminar format and tackle one theme at a time because we believe that it is easier to learn, grow, and thrive in community of learners. 

CCC has five goals for each seminar:

  1. Increase understanding of historical context and governmental structures
  2. Encourage and expand the individual’s civic engagement
  3. Share new tools, information, methods, and ideas
  4. Cultivate and expand conversational skills in community
  5. Nurture humor, insight, joy, and perspective

If you learned about CCC from this LWVUS story or from another source and would like to learn more. Please contact Katherine Murphy at

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