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A democracy is only as vital as the depth of its citizens’ participation. Standing for office is one of the most significant contributions a citizen can make. Therefore, the League of Women Voters thanks all of the citizens who filed to run for office in 2022 and strengthened our democracy!

Who will be on YOUR primary ballot?

Your physical address – where you live – determines who will be on your ballot in the upcoming August Primary and November General Elections, so make sure your address is up to date by going to VoteWA (English) or VoteWA (Spanish).

Please understand that there will be MORE races on your November ballot than shown here, but only those listed below had more than 2 candidates filing for the seat and therefore will be in a primary election runoff this August. Stay tuned for a comprehensive post listing all candidates running in Kittitas County & LD 13 elections.

Running for Congress

Running for Washington State Level Position

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