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The Democracy Rocks Treasure Hunt features amazing women!

The Treasure Hunt will last through August 12. Turn in your treasure hunt log to be eligible to win prizes. Learn more on our Treasure Hunt page, find the latest details, clues, and how to enter to win a prize.

How many featured women in the treasure hunt have you found? (Yes, we DO know how to spell Mississippi — just wanted to see how closely you are reading these clues!)

DID YOU KNOW? The county auditor has an accessible voting unit (AVU) for citizens with disabilities to allow them to vote in privacy and without assistance. The AVU allows user to vote using a touch screen, a select wheel, or using a tool. For the visually impaired, headphones can be used to listen to ballot choices. If you or someone you know would like to use the AVU during any upcoming election, it is located in the basement of the Kittitas County Courthouse (on fifth in Ellensburg) and available Monday-Friday from 9am-4:30pm for 18 days prior to each election and from 9am-8pm on election day.

There’s still time to register to vote or update your voting address! Go to VoteWA (English) or VoteWA (Spanish) online to get ready, view the state-supplied voter’s guide. Also, go to the League’s nonpartisan Voter’s Guide page (above) for even more candidate information.

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