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Don’t Ignore The Outreach!

Your Ballot May Have Been Rejected.

Here’s How to Fix it Before Election Results are Certified on November 29. 

Visit on your phone or computer.

Enter the information when you are prompted.

Click “ballot status” on the menu on the left side of the screen.

If your status says “received” it means your ballot has been received by election officials.

If your status says “accepted” it means your ballot has been accepted and will be counted.

If your ballot says “challenged” there has been an issue with your ballot and it will need to be ‘cured’ before it can be counted. Most often this is an issue with your signature. Election officials will reach out and you’ll have until the election is certified to cure your ballot. So don’t worry! Allow 3-4 days for the system to post status updates.

Watch this video if you still have questions on how to cure your ballot.

Why does Washington state reject tens of thousands of ballots? Hint: It’s not fraud

Before it’s official, before winners bask in glory and losers shrink in defeat, Washington’s election officials meticulously review the lines and swoops of every signature on every ballot mailed in from around the state. If they can’t match those lines and swoops to a signature on file, they flag the ballot for extra scrutiny, then toss the vote if they can’t confirm the right person signed it. This process is Washington’s final safeguard against fraud. Don’t let your ballot get tossed!

Click HERE for more information on ballot rejection and how to make sure your ballot is counted.

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