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Legislative Lobby Week!

From LWVWA 2/5/23 Legislative Newsletter.

The intensity and high volume of policy committee work continues at full speed. LWV Democracy Lobby Week starts tomorrow! There is still time to register, if you haven’t already. Monday’s events include:

Fully Fund Trust Land Transfer Program

HB 1460, Concerning the department of natural resources land transactions, revenue distributions, and creation and management of a trust land transfer program.

The Department of Natural Resources is poised to activate its revitalized Trust Land Transfer program. The Trust Land Transfer (TLT) exists because the DNR needs a tool to transfer land to local communities when those lands don’t match DNR’s mission of generating revenue for trust beneficiaries. Underperforming lands can be transferred out of the DNR portfolio, and lands at the risk of conversion can be acquired to expand the portfolio of working forests. This will benefit rural communities who often have an economy tied to wise management of working forests. The DNR and a workgroup charged with improving and strengthening the TLT has developed a list of 10 projects than can be transferred to local communities. DNR will utilize a legislative appropriation of $25 million to purchase replacement lands.

Click here to sign in PRO on HB 1460

Reducing Wildfire Risk

HB 1032/SB 5039, Mitigating the risk of wildfires.

This Bill requires wildfire mitigation through electric utility planning and identification of best management practices appropriate to each electric utility’s circumstances. LWVWA supported SB 5803-2022, but it was met with much resistance from the electric utilities. Senator Rolfes considered the concerns and introduced SB 5039. It now appears that the electric utilities are mostly in favor.

This bill is cosponsored by Representative Dent and he sits on the the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee which is considering this bill. Email him your support for passage of this bill.

Automatic Voter Registration

HB 1229/SB 5112 Secure Automatic Voter Registration.

Using identifying documents as a prompt, Automatic Voter Registration registers voters and updates existing voter registrations at Dept. of Licensing. Transaction time is shorter, less costly, and registers more eligible voters. Accurate and updated registration reduces undeliverable election mail, provisional ballots, and same-day registration. Confirmation of the registration is mailed to the voter by the appropriate election agency, and the recipient then has the option to decline the registration. This automatic registration process is used successfully in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Delaware, and Massachusetts, and is deemed safe, secure, and efficient from beginning to end. Scheduled for hearing before State Government & Tribal Relations Committee 2/7/23.

Improve Campaign Finance Disclosures

HB 1677, Concerning Campaign Finance Disclosure

Updates campaign reporting deadlines to ensure voters have access to campaign financing information when ballots arrive. Requires sponsors to identify political ads to vendors when order is placed. Authorizes the PDC to use the public disclosure transparency account for project-based expenditures to meet increasing demand for technology and reporting improvements.

Sign in PRO here by noon 2/8/23.

Building Multilingual Washington

HB 1228, Building a multilingual, multiliterate Washington through dual and tribal language education.

This is an equity issue for our students, was heard in Committee on Jan. 24, and will be voted on in House Education Committee on Feb. 7 at 4:00 p.m. Click on the bill hotlink to comment.

Be involved. Legislators need to hear from you!


Please note, lots of action in the early days of the Legislature as the various bills jockey for agenda space. Some bills are progressing, many are not. We recommend you sign up to get the LWV Washington weekly legislative newsletter delivered to your own inbox! Lots more happening in the upcoming week. Read all about it on the LWVWA website here.

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