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From LWVWA 2/26/23 Legislative Newsletter.

Last Friday, February 24—fiscal cutoff, the last day bills from House fiscal committees and Senate Ways & Means and Transportation committees could be passed out of those committees in the house of origin. Starting today, legislators will be busy voting on bills on the floor. They need to hear from you now.

Stop Utility Shutoffs During Heat Crisis

HB 1329 (preventing utility shutoffs during heat alerts) prohibits utilities and landlords from terminating water or electric service to any residential user during days for which the National Weather Service has issued certain heat-related alerts. If service is already disconnected, it requires a prompt and reasonable attempt to reconnect service for the time of the heat event, provided the user agrees to a payment plan.

Click here to ask your state representative to VOTE YES on HB 1329.

Hold Police Accountable for Misconduct

People who are harmed by police misconduct should be able recover damages, just like victims of other types of harm. HB 1025, the Access to Fairness Act, allows people to recover damages when the police violate their constitutional rights. It eliminates the doctrine of qualified immunity that has been applied to make it almost impossible for victims of police violence to obtain justice.

Click here to ask your representatives to VOTE YES on HB 1025.

Be involved. Legislators need to hear from you!


Please note, lots of action in the early days of the Legislature as the various bills jockey for agenda space. Some bills are progressing, many are not. We recommend you sign up to get the LWV Washington weekly legislative newsletter delivered to your own inbox! Lots more happening in the upcoming week.

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