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It’s [Almost] A Wrap

The 2020 LWV Legislative Agenda Partial Results

BillPassed Bill Description (link to LWV posts)LD13 Vote
S = Supported,
O = Opposed
E2SSB 6128YesExtends postpartum coverage to one yearDent/Ybarra/Warnick = S
E2SSB 6087YesCaps monthly insulin costsDent/Ybarra/Warnick = O
ESSB 6442YesEliminates private prisonsDent/Ybarra/Warnick = O
E2SHB 1783YesCreates a state office of equityDent/Ybarra/Warnick = O
ESHB 2265YesEliminates PFAS from fire fighting foamDent/Ybarra = S Warnick = O
ESSB 5395YesComprehensive, age-appropriate sex edDent/Ybarra/Warnick = O
ESSB 5323YesReducing plastic bag pollutionYbarra = S Dent/Warnick = O
SHB 2554YesRequires health plans to disclose when they do not include mandated benefitsDent/Ybarra/Warnick = O
2SSB 5947YesSustainable farming practices to reduce climate changeYbarra/Warnick = S Dent = O
SB 5601YesRequires licensure for insurance plan benefits administratorsDent/Ybarra/Warnick = S
ESHB 2575NoModernize redistricting. Passed the house. Stuck in Senate CommitteeDent/Ybarra = O
SSB 6112NoEliminating juvenile solitary confinement. Passed the Senate. Stuck in House CommitteeWarnick = O

To read more about how and why the LWV arrived at a position on these issues, go here.

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