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Updated 1/6/21

To vote for a Kittitas County Conservation District (KCCD) Board member, you must request a ballot no later than January 19th! After the 19th, you can still get a ballot at KCCD offices: 2211 W. Dolarway Road, Suite 4, Ellensburg WA 98926.

If you answered “YES!” to the above, please vote in the upcoming Kittitas County Conservation District election!

This election is vote-by-mail and conducted by KCCD. Incumbent, Jeff Brunson, has filed to run for re-election. It is not known at this time whether he will have an opponent. If you have questions about this election, please contact KCCD District Manager and Elections Supervisor, Anna Lael at (509) 925-3352 x7.

To mail your completed ballot back to KCCD, you must include postage OR starting January 20th, you can drop your completed ballot at the KCCD office ballot box no later than 4:30pm on Feb. 9th (2211 W. Dolarway Road, Suite 4, Ellensburg WA 98926). DO NOT USE Kittitas County ballot drop boxes for the KCCD election!

Not sure what a Conservation District Board member does? Read this! Confused about why YOU have to request a ballot from the KCCD rather than receive one automatically from the county Auditor? Read this (RCW says so, basically). The full Conservation District election RCW is here.

VOTE in every election in which you are eligible. It strengthens our democracy!

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