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What’s on your mind?

The 2022 primary election is just around the corner (voting starts July 15) and although there are no local races on the primary ballot, there are several at the state and Congressional level. The League of Women Voters will sponsor candidate forums for some of these races.

The League promotes nonpartisan candidate forums as a way for voters to better understand their ballot choices. The primary winner may represent you at some level of government if they go on to win the general election in November, so what do you want to know about them?

We need your questions: what do you want to ask the candidates for US Senator, Secretary of State (Washington), Congressional District 8? When submitting your question to us, please keep the following in mind:

Unsure what is important in a candidate? This 2020 post may be helpful: 7 Steps to Choose A Candidate.

Submit your candidate questions no later than July 1 to: or text to: 509-654-9030

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