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Have some fun!

Kittitas Women Rock!

Try our treasure hunt on for size!

That’s right, the 2022 Democracy Rocks Treasure Hunt is just around the corner. It will start on July 1 and ends August 12. This year, the League has partnered with local organizations and businesses in Kittitas County to host treasures for you to find.

This year’s theme is Kittitas Women Rock and will feature women past and present who changed their communities with amazing dedication, grit, and tenacity. Join the hunt to learn more about them and the awesome sites hosting their stories!

How does this thing work?

Everything you need is on our Democracy Rocks Treasure Hunt page (see above). Click over there for details.

Win Prizes!

Besides having fun and learning more about local communities, you can WIN PRIZES! Gift certificates in varying amounts will be awarded in 4 prize categories and a bonus category. Learn more here.

Follow us for clues and hints

In the upcoming days, clues and hints will be posted in social media to help you locate 15 treasures and be a potential prize winner. So what are you waiting for?!

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