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From LWVWA 1/15/23 Newsletter

Bills needing your support this week

Please note, lots of action in the early days of the Legislature as the various bills jockey for agenda space. Way too much information to get it all here. Recommend you sign up to get the LWV Washington weekly legislative newsletter delivered to your own inbox!


Approve SJR 8202 to be Voted on in the Next General Election

Voting Pro on SJR 8202 (Amending the constitution to protect reproductive freedom) gives your representatives, especially those who may be on the fence, information about your position on the issue. It also gives legislators the big picture about the strength of their constituent’s convictions whether pro or con. This is an important question to take directly to the voters.

Click here to sign in PRO on SJR 8202

SB 5047 Enhanced Washington Voting Rights Act

This bill amends sections of the Washington Voting Rights Act to clarify what constitutes a violation of the act. It seeks to protect members of classes who do not have an equal opportunity to elect candidates of their choice through methods that have created vote dilution or polarized voting.

Please sign in PRO to the Senate State Government & Elections public hearing by 7:00 am on Friday, Jan. 20. Leave the Organization box blank!


The Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks Committee will hold a hearing on the Trust Land Transfer Program (SB 5372) on January 26 at 1:30 PM. If passed, the bill will improve the Trust Land Transfer process making a good government program more transparent, consistent and effective. If passed, the public will know how TLT works, how to get involved and understand the prioritization and funding process. Check this Fact Sheet

Click here to Sign in PRO on SB 5372.


Everyone should be treated equally under the law, but an exception under federal law allows police officers to escape liability even when their misconduct causes serious injury or death. The Access to Fairness Act (HB 1025) will close this loophole. And the Attorney General Investigations and Reform bill (HB 1445) will ensure that law enforcement agencies engaging in systemic violations of the law and constitution will be held accountable.

Click here to sign in PRO on HB 1025 and HB 1445.


Lots more happening in the upcoming week. Read all about it in the LWVWA website here.

Be involved. Legislators need to hear from you!

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