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From LWVWA 1/29/23 Newsletter

Bills needing your support this week


SB 5082, Abolish Advisory Votes.

This bill has been placed on second reading by Senate Rules Committee. This is as far as it got last year. This year, please urge your Senator to support this bill, and Representatives to support its companion HB 1158, which is still in committee. It needs to be put to a Senate floor vote. Required to appear first on the ballot, Advisory Votes, which are costly and confusing, are a barrier to fully voting the ballot. They are non-binding, and are not really a vote. The bill includes other, simpler ways to include fiscal information when needed. As a constituent, please urge your Senator and Representatives to support Abolish Advisory Votes out of committee and to the floor for a vote!


SB 5179 – Increasing access to the provisions of the Death with Dignity Act.

This bill will face opposition by some on religious grounds and by some in the disability community. The bill was passed by initiative in 2007. This simply allows more access to EXISTING provisions in the law. The League has supported this bill over many years.  

Click here to sign in PRO on SB 5179.


HB 1513 – Improving Traffic Safety

The Traffic Safety for All bill helps law enforcement officers focus on traffic stops related to road safety issues such as impaired driving, distracted driving, and speeding – the leading causes of traffic accidents. It also reduces a key contributor to racial and socioeconomic disparities in the criminal justice system caused by unnecessary low-level traffic stops that can lead to debt, involvement with the criminal legal system, and even death. And, it makes our communities safer by providing funds for people to repair their vehicles and take other steps to comply with our traffic laws.

Click here to Sign in PRO on HB 1513.


Please note, lots of action in the early days of the Legislature as the various bills jockey for agenda space. Some bills are progressing, many are not. We recommend you sign up to get the LWV Washington weekly legislative newsletter delivered to your own inbox! Lots more happening in the upcoming week. Read all about it on the LWVWA website here.

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