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From LWVWA 3/12/23 Legislative Newsletter.

As of last Wednesday, March 8, bills passed by the house of origin moved to the opposite chamber for consideration. Those that were not moved are considered “dead” for this session, but will carry over to the 2024 legislative session and start over again. Why do bills die? Partly because there are too many bills and too little time; also because some did not pass a vote, or did not progress to the floor for a vote. Our legislators worked long and hard this past week, including part of the weekend, and late into some evenings.

Those bills that passed their chamber of origin have been moved to the opposite chamber, and review in their assigned policy committees has begun. Because many bills didn’t make the March 8 cutoff, we’re dealing with significantly fewer bills overall. However, many bills have been amended along the way, and those must go through a review process.

Support Voting Rights!

ESHB 1048 (Enhanced Washington Voting Rights Act) passed the house with a vote of 57 – 38 and is already scheduled for both a public hearing and executive session this week. This bill amends sections of the Washington Voting Rights Act to clarify what constitutes a violation of the act. It also seeks to protect members of classes who do not have an equal opportunity to elect candidates because of barriers like vote dilution or polarized voting. ESHB 1048 is an important upgrade to the 2018 Washington Voting Rights Act—and it needs your support now!

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Recycle Batteries!

Our household batteries need to be recycled. E2SSB 5144 (Battery Recycling) will provide for:

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Be involved. Legislators need to hear from you!


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