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From LWVWA 1/30/22 Newsletter

Bills needing your action this week

Be involved. Legislators need to hear from you!

SB 5688 and HB 1809 Keep our care act.

These bills would ensure that mergers of health care provider organizations would sustain affordable health care and necessary services.  To date, many mergers of hospitals and medical practices have resulted in elimination of essential health care services such as reproductive health care, end of life care and more, and have resulted in higher costs of care. This act would establish certain procedures that would protect health care consumers access to affordable care.  Help save our necessary care by supporting the Keep Our Care Act.

Ask the senate Law & Justice Committee to pass the Keep Our Care Act bill out of committee before February 3rd. The LWV recommends passage of this bill.

Make a big impact for the climate and environment this week. Four bills are scheduled for a vote in on February 1 in the House Environment and Energy Committee. They all make progress on fighting climate change and diverting waste toward a more productive end. Read more below and ask your representatives to vote for these bills.


Lots happening as February 3rd cutoff approaches. Read all about it in the LWV state newsletter here.

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