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From LWVWA 2/13/22 Newsletter

Bills needing your action this week

Be involved. Legislators need to hear from you!

SB 5560 Concerning procedures for approval and submission of the redistricting plan.

Needed changes to redistricting plan definition and submission, so that a complete plan must be created and voting on before the deadline. Why support: This bill fixes the most egregious errors by the commission but does not go far enough. Support this fix and comprehensive redistricting reform.

Update: This bill passed the Senate unanimously. yeas, 47; nays, 0; absent, 0; excused, 2. The bill has a virtual hearing in House State Government & Tribal Relations Committee on Thursday, February 17that 10am. You can watch on TVW or sign in to testify.

ACTION ALERT – Please Click HERE before 9am on 2/17/22, select PRO and enter your information.

SB 5583 Local redistricting must count people in their home districts.
Why support: Every community deserves to have the representation of their residents who are from and/or will soon return to that community. Federal and State redistricting already adjust Census numbers. County, city, and other local municipalities should count people i n their home districts too.

Update: This bill passed the Senate: yeas, 28; nays, 21; absent, 0; excused, 0. It now goes the House State Government & Tribal Relations Committee who should give it a hearing.

ACTION ALERT – Please Click HERE to comment on this bill and offer your support for passage.

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Lots happening as February House of Origin cutoff approaches. Read all about it in the LWV state newsletter here.

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