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Legislative Lobby Week!

From LWVWA 2/12/23 Legislative Newsletter.

Ask any legislator which week is busiest and they will nominate right now. This is the last week to get bills out of committee by February 17th or they will be “dead” until the next session. This is why your comments are so crucial.

Help Pass The Wealth Tax

Right now, the top 100 people in Washington State, who own more than $250 million in financial assets, contribute only about 1/6 of what people making $26,000 per year pay in state and local taxes. The proposed Wealth Tax, HB 1473, would help make Washington’s tax system more fair and would generate nearly $2 billion more for the state each year. Please help get this measure passed by letting the House Finance Committee know you want them to pass this bill.

Click here to sign in PRO on HB 1473.

Click here to ask the House Finance Committee to vote YES on HB 1473, the Wealth Tax.

Expand Revenue Generation

With HB 1789, the Department of Natural Resources is uniquely positioned to tap into emerging markets for carbon credits and other ecosystem services. This new revenue stream will generate revenue for beneficiaries and fund critical agency efforts which will increase the resiliency of the state’s natural resources including forests, agricultural and aquatic resources.

Click here to sign in PRO on HB 1789.

Representative Dent sits on the the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee which is considering this bill. Email him your support for passage of this bill today.

Rethink & Pass the WRAP Act

Are you ready to rethink and have better options for our solid waste so that there is more waste reduction, reuse and recycling? Then we need to pass the WRAP Act (HB 1131) to provide more possibilities so that it can be easier to recycle by increasing access throughout our state, to have a clear common list of what can be recycled statewide, to have companies produce packaging materials that we can actually recycle. Let’s move HB 1131 out of Appropriations and onto the next step to becoming law.

Click here to sign in PRO on HB 1131 by Feb 16 at 7 a.m.

Click here to ask the House Appropriations Committee to vote YES for HB 1131.

Be involved. Legislators need to hear from you!


Please note, lots of action in the early days of the Legislature as the various bills jockey for agenda space. Some bills are progressing, many are not. We recommend you sign up to get the LWV Washington weekly legislative newsletter delivered to your own inbox! Lots more happening in the upcoming week. Read all about it on the LWVWA website here.

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