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From LWVWA 3/5/23 Legislative Newsletter.

Half way through the current legislative session!

Help Pass the Wealth Tax

In Washington State, the lowest income people pay far more in share of their income than the wealthiest do. This state has the most regressive tax structure in the US. And, additional revenue is needed to support the many needs that are still unfunded, including health care, housing, education, disability services, and more. So the only way to raise money for these services is to put a new tax on the wealthiest people in this state. The wealth tax (SB 5486) would put a 1% tax on the financial property of people who have more than $250 million in stocks, bonds, and similar investments. This would make the tax system more fair while also raising needed revenue. Please help get the wealth tax passed by letting the Senate Ways & Means Committee know you want them to pass SB 5486.

Click here to ask the Senate Ways & Means Committee to PASS SB5486.

Click here to sign-in PRO for SB 5486

Regulate Acquisitions & Mergers in Healthcare

Currently large Healthcare Monopolies which are often affiliated with religious institutions, are buying up hospitals and medical practices in Washington and are largely unregulated. This practice limits the control we have and the choices we can make about our healthcare. More than 50% of hospitals in Washington are owned by religious institutions. Whether it be having a choice about reproductive care or end of life care; those choices should not be limited by who owns the hospital or medical practice you seek your care in.SB 5241 (KOCA) (The keep our care act) will limit and regulate Mergers and Acquisitions of healthcare institutions.

Click here to ask your representatives to vote YES on SB 5241.

Pass the WRAP Act – Modernize Recycling

Pass the WRAP Act to modernize our entire recycling system here in Washington. We can stop throwing away $104 million worth of materials that could be recycled. We can support Washington’s economy by building new, green jobs. We can make recycling easier for all residents of Washington. We can join other nations of the world and 4 states in the US by implementing Extended Producer Responsibility.

Click here to ask your representative to bring HB 1131 up for a floor vote and to vote YES.

Support Conservation of Unique Public Lands

HB 1460 has passed through its house of origin and now needs support in its journey through the Senate. You can make a difference by supporting this bill at its first public hearing in the Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks committee.

Click here to sign in PRO on HB 1460

Be involved. Legislators need to hear from you!


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