About us

Welcome to League of Women Voters of Kittitas County. We believe democracy is stronger when voters are educated and involved. Established in 1920 after winning the right to vote for women, the League is one of the nation’s most respected community-based organizations.

The League is a nonpartisan political organization: nonpartisan in that it never supports or opposes any candidate or political party; political in that it does act on those governmental issues selected by its members and on which a position has been reached through study and member agreement.

League of Women Voters Kittitas County has been in existence since 1968. This is your information site for Kittitas County candidates, issues, and ballots.

We research. We educate. We advocate for change.

Board of Directors

President: Delores Irwin

Secretary: Nancy Wieking

Membership: Mary Morgan

Treasurer: Aimée Quinn

Program Chair: Muriel Weaver

Publicity: Karen Raymond

Voter Services: Charli Sorenson

Past President: Kathy Matlin

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LWVKC nonpartisan Policy

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How the League Takes a Position

The League of Women Voters uses a time-tested method for taking positions on issues. Members study an issue, use local League meetings to develop consensus on the issues raised in the study, and then adopt a written statement of position on the issue, which is approved by the Board.

Local League adopted positions may be used as the basis for advocacy at the city or county government to which the position applies.

The League’s Study Process

This is the formal process by which The League of Women  Voters does studies and takes positions on issues.

  • Studies are done on statewide issues based on scopes of work approved by the membership at biennial conventions.
  • These studies are conducted by committees appointed by the League President and reviewed by both experts and reading committees of League members who edit for characteristics such as neutrality, thoroughness and readability.
  • Following publication of studies, the League holds consensus meetings at which members who have read the studies answer questions about the study material which gets collected and consolidated to form an official opinion.
  • Those consensus meeting responses are consolidated to frame League position, based upon which the League may take action for or against specific legislation.
  • Studies are funded by the Education Fund because they are informative to the public. Any action taken post-consensus is not funded by the Education Fund.

LWVWA studies and reports on voting, energy and natural resources, education, and more