Charli register

Charli Sorenson registering students in front of the SURC at CWU. We make it easy for students to register by including QR codes on our materials and handing them business-sized MyVote cards so they can help their friends register.

Be a voter!

Young people 18 to 29 are notoriously difficult to get to the ballot box. This is despite the fact that their sheer numbers – nearly 50 million are eligible to vote – could sway the course of elections across the country.

The League of Women Voters wants to give you all the information you need to make an informed choice and have an impact on the city of Ellensburg and Kittitas County.

This two-page sheet tells you everything you need to know to register and vote in Washington state:

Campus Vote Project-Washington

If you’re living in Ellensburg, why not vote in Ellensburg? Go to to update your address, find your precinct number, and learn the names of all your elected officials. It couldn’t be easier:


Here are two more helpful links:


Why Student Votes Matter

Come back to this website to get detailed information about all elections held in Kittitas County. Email us if you’d like to be trained in registering voters or if you’d like to see our presentation for high school students.

karen hs screen

Karen Raymond gives registration and voting information to students at Ellensburg High School.