Let’s Talk Ballot Initiatives!

cops1Initiative 940 – De-escalate Washington

This measure would require law enforcement employees receive training in:

  • violence de-escalation,
  • mental-health, and
  • first-aid

And to provide first-aid. It would also change standards for use of deadly force, adding a “good faith” standard and independent investigation. If passed, it would amend the state’s deadly force law which currently makes it virtually impossible to charge police over custody deaths. The League supports passage of this Initiative.

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Let’s Talk Ballot Initiatives

gun-safety 2

Initiative 1639 – safe schools, safe communities

This Initiative does three really important interconnected things: Raises the age to purchase semi-automatic assault weapons from 18 to 21; creates enhanced background checks for semi-automatic assault weapons similar to that required for handguns; promotes charging gun owners if someone not allowed to have a gun gets a hold of their firearm because it wasn’t safely stored. Let’s face it, it is no “accident” when a young child gets a hold of a loaded gun – it is negligence on the part of the gun owner.

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