Election 2018 Wrap-up

Election 2018 Wrap-up

A Dive into Election Turnout

76.2% Voter Turnout in Kittitas County! Did the work of the League of Women Voters impact November voter turnout in any way? Did our voter registration work account for some of the improvement? Did our Get Out The Vote strategies impact turnout? Did the Candidate Forum make a difference? Let’s look into that! 

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League celebrates National Voter Registration Day

Kittitas Valley League of Women Voters were registering voters and updating addresses at three locations on National Voter Registration Day. Many thanks to the vendors who lent us the space: 1891 Bistro on CWU campus, campus Starbucks, and D&M Coffee downtown. Thanks also to our volunteers: Karen Raymond, Kris Ernest, Kath Fraser, Peggy Lyon, Paula McMinn, and Catherine Cook and Glenn Rudolph, and to Charli Sorenson for organizing this event.

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