McCleary impacts ESD

“We have the funds to help give us the buildings for our district; we will not have the funds in a couple of years to actually operate our district,” League member Jamie Rosen said in her introduction of Superindent Jinger Haberer and Business Services Director Brian Aikin of Ellensburg School District.

The two ESD officials spoke to the League of Women Voters of Kittitas County about the impact of McCleary on the district, and how they hope to get the ear of legislators to make some funding changes. They said legislators did not understand how ESD would be impacted by McCleary.

“You guys are just caught in the middle. You are a loser in this.”

Aiken said district representatives met with Washington state Superintendent Chris Reykdal, who told them, “You guys are just caught in the middle. You are a loser in this.”

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Read the ESD’s stats on McCleary impact:

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If you’re really like to get into the weeds of McCleary, read the 2014 policy brief published by the Washington Policy Center.

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