Women’s Voting Rights Day

Ellensburg, Wa – In honor of the 100th anniversary of the League of Women Voters, Ellensburg City Council unanimously proclaimed February 14th, 2020 Women’s Voting Rights Day during it’s regular meeting Monday evening, February 3rd.

We would be less of a community and less of a democracy

L to R: Muriel Weaver, Mayor Bruce Tabb, Charli Sorenson, Kathy Matlin, Mollie Edson, Nan Doolittle, Julie Prather

Prior to voting on the Proclamation, Mayor Tabb had this to say:

“We should acknowledge the work the League has done here locally. What we don’t often see is the…work that they’ve done to bring both city and county deliberations into the public arena in a transparent and consistent manner. It is huge.

We would be less of a community and less of a democracy without the work that those [LWV] individuals have done both nationally but particularly from my perspective for those…who have engaged in [LWV] efforts locally. It is significant, it is important, it is much appreciated.

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View a copy of the proclamation here.