Cultivating Civic Conversations announces the next discussion series

Guest Column by Katherine Murphy

The virtual 5-week conversation is from July 7 – August 4 at 10am & again at 4pm PDT.

We will use science fiction and the voices of accomplished scientists to examine the wonder and pitfalls of living with other humans during chaotic, divisive, and heartbreaking times. Our anchor text is the Star Trek novel, Uhura’s Song, by Hugo-award winning author, Janet Kagan. She crafts her story of first contact amid a galactic pandemic using anthropological principles and humor. We pair this fictional adventure with podcasts with five pioneering scientists who have all built enduring communities over long careers. 

  • Jill Tarter, Astronomer & SETI Pioneer
  • Mary Catherine Bateson, Linguist & Anthropologist 
  • Jane Goodall, Primatologist & Environmental Activist
  • Joan Halifax, Zen Teacher & Medical Anthropologist 
  • Robin Wall Kimmerer, Botanist & Indigenous Ecologist

Check out the discussion schedule here.


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