Are you interested in learning how to advocate for yourself and those around you while also holding your healthcare providers accountable? If yes, Watch the Program presented by the LWV of Kittitas County as part of our monthly program series.

Dr. Larry Birger has nearly two decades of experience specializing in internal medicine. During that time, having grown increasingly concerned with a number of trends in medicine, he started the medical education outreach, EBM Truth In Medicine (EBM stands for Evidence-Based Medicine). The goal of the education outreach is to help equip patients to critically appraise and navigate the confusing landscape of modern healthcare. In this program, Dr. Birger described the simple concepts and tools of EBM enabling you to be a healthier patient, more skilled in advocating for yourself and your loved ones, and how to bring accountability to healthcare at a grassroots level.

Check out Dr. Birger’s recommended List of Books for further reading on this topic and view Dr. Birger’s Presentation for more information.

Thank you to Dr. Birger for this work to provide the League with this program.

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