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Time’s running out for signature-gathering


Time is running short to gather signatures for initiatives looking to qualify for the fall ballot. Initiatives must have 259,622 signatures by July 6. Turn in completed or partial petitions prior to July 4. Here are updates on three initiatives endorsed by the League of Women Voters of Washington:

I-1600: Universal Health Care for Washington State

This initiative would create a program that would establish a comprehensive state program to pay for health care services, prescriptions, and medical equipment for all Washington residents. Your help is needed to gather enough signatures for I-1600 to be approved for placement on the November 2018 ballot.

I-1631: Investing in Clean Energy and Healthy Communities 

Getting this initiative on the ballot and passed will be be a huge step in helping Washington State address climate change goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting clean renewable energy and investing in clean water and forest projects. You are encouraged to sign up for signature gathering opportunities. To volunteer go to the Yes on 1631 website.


I-1639: Safe Schools, Safe Communities

After a year with several tragic school shootings in Florida and Texas, people are ready for us to take action on gun violence. While an initiative has been filed, there was a last minute objection to the name and some of the text of the initiative. Consequently, petition printing was delayed. A decision came down on June 7 and petitions can now be printed. They will be available from the Alliance for Gun Responsibility on June 8. 

Due to the very short time frame for collecting signatures, the campaign will rely heavily on paid signature gatherers and needs all the volunteer effort possible. Deadline for submission is July 6th. Please sign up for petitions and volunteering at the Alliance for Gun Responsibility website or by contacting Pat Griffith by email or at 206.285.2452 with your name, address, phone number and number of petitions you want. Petitions will also be available at the LWVWA office. 

Read more in the LWVWA June Voter.

Update on I-940, reducing police violence

You may be wondering what happened to that initiative aimed at reducing violence by changing police practices and culture. The Initiative 940 campaign is being run by De-Escalate Washington, and is supported by the League of Women Voters.

The Washington legislature took the unusual step of bypassing the ballot and adopting I-940 in March 2018. However, Tim Eyman filed suit in March challenging the law and asking that I-940 be placed on the November ballot.

You can go to the De-Escalate website for an update on where I-940 stands today, and how De-Escalate worked with police organizations to come up with a process that works for everyone. Will become law, or will it be on the November ballot? Oral arguments will be heard June 28 by the state Supreme Court.

Universal Healthcare for Washington – help make it happen!

healthcare 1

Please join us in gathering signatures for I-1600, the Washington state initiative that would establish a state program to pay for comprehensive health care for all Washington residents.

If approved, this coverage would take effect by November 2019, funded by premiums and taxes on employers, individual income, and capital gains.

The League of Women Voters of Washington has endorsed I-1600. If you are willing to help, please contact Charli Sorenson at

We don’t have much time – signatures need to be mailed by July 1!

Learn more about this initiative at these web pages:

State League’s efforts on health care over the years

Yes on 1600 web page

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