Elections are coming!

Election 2018

Election season is approaching, so it will soon be time to gather information about potential candidates and ballot issues. You may even consider running for office, so be aware that the filing deadline is approaching – it’s May 14 – 18.

There will be plenty of offices that will be up for grabs this year. Read this Daily Record story to learn what will be open this fall.

If you’d like to get a taste of holding elective office, start with one of the most basic: Precinct Committee Officer, or PCO. Learn more about this position in this Daily Record story.

Learn how to file electronically on the Kittitas County website here.

Once candidates have declared and election season is underway, please stop by this website frequently to check our election information pages. You can count on the League of Women Voters for information on both sides of all ballot issues and candidates.

Also consider investing in a subscription to your local newspapers – The Ellensburg Daily Record and North County Tribune.

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