Get out the vote with social media


Now that the deadline for online voter registration has passed, it’s time to Get Out the Vote!

Research has shown that nothing is more effective in changing behavior – and specifically voting behavior – than personal contact with people.

Instead of – or in addition to – joining phone banks and doorbelling, you can use phone apps to send your friends and neighbors those gentle reminders to vote.

Two we’ll feature here are the “VoteWithMe” app and “NextDoor” app.

Read about VoteWithMe here.

Download the app here.

Nextdoor  is a social network app for neighborhoods and you can communicate with your neighbors about all topics, but why not send out reminders to vote?

Read about NextDoor here.

Download Nextdoor here.

Ballots will be mailed Oct. 16, and deadline to get them in is Tuesday, Nov. 6. If you’re using drop boxes, the deadline is 8 PM. If you’re mailing back your ballots, it’s best you mail one week ahead of election day to avoid any glitches with the postal service.


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