2019 Legislative Wrap: Gun Safety

The LWV’s major legislative agenda was to restrict large capacity magazines and ban so-called “ghost guns” as well as empowering law enforcement to remove weapons in domestic violence and Extreme Risk Protection order cases.

From LWVWA Legislative Newsletter:

Washington became the second state nationally to ban so-called “ghost guns”, which are undetectable weapons that cannot be detected by commonly used security screenings. These weapons can be printed with a 3-D printer. Federal legal proceedings are going through the courts to prohibit distribution of plans for 3-D weapons. (SHB 1739).

Bills that passed and were signed by the governor built on recent initiatives and legislation. Among those was SSB 5954 which funds the state bump-fire stock buy-back program, based on last year’s bump stock ban.

Other bills strengthened Extreme Risk Protection Orders and clarified how firearms can be removed from households considered in danger and in domestic violence situations (SHB 1225SHB 1786SSB 5027).

Disappointments included the failure of the restrictions on large capacity ammunition to proceed to a floor vote. 

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