2019 Legislative Wrap: Climate Change and Energy

League Goal: reduce greenhouse gas emissions, put a price on carbon, and enact measures to promote climate resiliency.

Climate change is having a significant effect on Washington State’s natural and economic landscape. Addressing climate change impacts will require a sustained commitment to integrating climate information into legislation and government programs and services.

From LWVWA Legislative Newsletter:

We are celebrating the unprecedented legislative session that addressed significant Climate bills, and expect to see those bills which did not pass this session reintroduced next session.

  • SHB 1112 Reduces greenhouse gas emissions from hydrofluorocarbons. Passed the House, 55-39, 4 excused. Passed the Senate 35-13 with amendments. Delivered to Governor for signature.
  • SHB 1114 Reduces Food Waste Causing Hunger and Environmental Impacts. Passed the House, 96-0. Passed the Senate 45-0. Delivered to Governor for signature. 
  • E2SSB 5116 Supporting Washington’s Clean Energy Economy by transitioning to a clean, affordable, and reliable energy future. Passed the Senate 28-19, excused 2. Delivered to Governor for signature. 

Our main energy goal this session was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to increase climate resilience. The bills, described below, are part of the governor’s environmental legislative package designed to achieve this goal. The governor’s requested legislation promotes climate resilience by requiring that new buildings and appliances be energy efficient. Both bills passed this legislative session and will soon become law, promoting the health of our climate.

  • E3SHB 1257 Encourages energy efficient residential buildings in order to significantly reduce greenhouse gasses. Passed the House, 55-37, 6 excused. Passed the Senate 25-23. Delivered to the Governor for signature. 
    2SHB 1444 Applies energy efficiency standards to a broad array of appliances that are sold, offered for sale or installed in the state. Passed the House, 57-41. Passed the Senate 26-22, 1 excused. Delivered to the Governor for signature.