2019 Election: Who’s Running For Office?

There are 65 positions to be decided this fall and 87 candidates.

Make no mistake, running for elected office is a big deal. In many cases, the elected position confers no monetary reward even though it demands a sacrifice of time, dedication, goodwill, and integrity.

Let’s look first at the uncontested races. (Click here to view all filed candidates and positions -excluding write-in candidates). If you are looking for the 2019 Voter’s Guide, click here.

No Contest

49 races will be uncontested this year, offering voters no real choice. That’s 75% of the candidates running unopposed even though the vast majority of the elected positions are nonpartisan. Fire Districts, School Districts, Hospital Districts, Water Districts and some city council races will go to the only choice on the ballot.

Which races will offer a real choice?

Partisan Positions

  1. Legislative District 13: incumbent Alex Ybarra (appointed to replace Manweller) will run against challenger Steve Verhey.
  2. County Commissioner, Position 1: incumbent Cory Wright (appointed to replace Paul Jewel) will run against challengers Nancy Lillquist and Laci Harrison.

Nonpartisan Positions

  1. Hospital District 1, Commissioner 1: incumbent Liahna Armstrong will face challenger Terry Clark.
  2. Hospital District 1, Commissioner 4: incumbent Roy Savoian will run against challenger Jon Ward.
  3. Selah School District 119, At-Large Position: OPEN SEAT. Candidates are Dan Peters and AJ Cooper.
  4. Ellensburg School District 401, Position 1: incumbent Meg Ludlum will face challenger Mark Manning.
  5. Ellensburg City Council, Position 6: incumbent Stacey Engel will face challenger Matt Anderson.
  6. Ellensburg City Council, Position 7: OPEN SEAT. Candidates are Tristen Lamb and Kristin Ashley.
  7. City of Roslyn, Council 1: incumbent Derek Gruber will face challenger Jim G. Guerci.
  8. City of Roslyn, Council 2: OPEN SEAT. Candidates are Geoff Scherer and Dave Tylor.
  9. City of Roslyn, Council 4: OPEN SEAT. Candidates are Jennifer Basterrechea-Atela and Cathy Cook.
  10. City of Roslyn, Council 6: OPEN SEAT. Candidates are Tom Missel and Doug Kilgore.
  11. City of Roslyn, Mayor: incumbent Brent Hals will face challengers Jeri Francisco and Doug Johnson.
  12. Fire District 7, Commissioner 1: incumbent Robert Cernick will face challenger Russ Hobbs.
  13. Water District 5, Commissioner 3: incumbent Terry Guilford will face challenger Sonja Busby.
  14. Water District 7, Commissioner 3: OPEN SEAT. Candidates are Douglas Arthur Philbrick, Roger Swansen, Mike Budschat.

Deepest thanks to all those who have made the decision to disrupt their private lives and stand for office. Stay tuned for information regarding upcoming candidates’ night forums cosponsored by the League and the Ellensburg Public Library.