Local Elections Are Serious, Too

Democracy Depends on You

Local governments manage many different services, and decisions made at the local level will directly affect your life. In fact, local governments can impact nearly every aspect of your life – so who is elected, what decisions are made, and how services will be delivered should matter to you. Your vote is your voice in these arenas.

Local elections impact:

  • public schools, including curriculum, school year, school design, and more
  • policing and public safety, including holding police accountable
  • public transit
  • public utilities
  • garbage collection & disposal
  • affordable housing and rent
  • first responders, fire fighting
  • access to water, cost of water, water use restrictions
  • hospital services, including types of available care, hours of operation, and more
  • taxes that fund all of these, and 
  • much more

This fall in Kittitas County, there will be elections to the boards of Hospital Districts, Fire Districts, School Boards and more, was well as to various City, County, and State government positions. In order to make an informed vote for each of these positions, you should understand the function of each body and the role your elected official will fill.

Read more about the function and purpose of special districts and local governments by clicking the links below.

Your vote will shape the policies and services of all of these municipal corporations. Be a thoughtful and informed voter. It will impact your life, your family, your future. Not registered to vote? There’s still time! Go to VoteWA to register online before October 28, for the election on November 5th, 2019.

Also, check out our 2019 Voter’s Guide.

Vote! It matters.