Daily Democracy Task – Promote Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Marginalized Populations Need Support!

E2SHB 1783 supports a centralized approach, unifying multiple state agencies to work toward a universal goal – solving the challenges of equity, diversity and inclusion to meet the needs of marginalized communities. We should all have the opportunity to enjoy accessibility to the rewards of a vibrant economy. Urge Senator Warnick to move E2SHB 1783 to the Senate floor for a yes vote.

Equality costs too much??

Help us make this argument – equality for all is a fundamental principle of our democracy! One of the arguments against passage of E2SHB 1783, is that ‘it’s too costly’ – encapsulating in one sentence the view of the privileged when it comes to promoting equality for the marginalized. Those who have suffered from inequality view the benefits of equality as priceless.

Even though our state has one of the fastest-growing economies, many vulnerable populations are still left behind and struggle to keep up with everyday financial demands. The poverty task force established by the state legislature last year collected feedback to understand where state agencies can take action to undo decades-long structural racism in terms of housing, education, employment, and public assistance.

Defend Democracy by taking part. Your voice matters!

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