Wish you knew how your elected representative voted?

The Washington State legislature works through 2500-3600 bills during each session! Who has time to figure out how an elected official voted on so many bills? And that doesn’t even include the countless amendments… – that’s who! From their website:

This Website Provides Concise Information on the Washington State Legislature – Washington Votes gives users instant access to concise and objective descriptions of every single bill, amendment, and vote that takes place in the Washington legislature. Unlike other bill tracking utilities, Washington Votes includes all legislative actions described – not just those selected by a particular interest group. It is searchable by legislator, keyword, and some 50 subject categories, so users can create their own custom “voting record guide.”

You can search for a particular bill or amendment vote or simply review all votes. So let’s look at the voting record of 13th Legislative District representatives for the 2020 session!

The webpage also provides handy links on EACH vote so you can notify your representative or senator whether you agreed or disagreed with their vote! Remember, They Represent You, and therefore are interested in your views.

Bookmark and use it. Democracies work best when all citizens take partyou owe it to yourself and future generations to be heard. You matter!