2020 ELECTION: Who’s Running For Office?

There are six County positions to be decided this fall, along with Legislative District 13 positions 1 & 2, and Congressional District 8. Nine statewide offices, from the governor to the lands commissioner are all up for voter decision in the primary.

Some of the judicial races are uncontested, all others have at least one challenger. (Click here to view all filed candidates and positions -excluding write-in candidates for the 2020 Primary Election). Review the 2020 Primary Voter’s Guide in English, or Spanish.

Make no mistake, running for elected office is a big deal. In many cases, the elected position confers no monetary reward even though it demands a sacrifice of time, dedication, goodwill, and integrity.

No Contest

Five judicial races will be uncontested this year, offering voters no real choice: Kittitas Superior Court Judge Position 1 (Candace Hooper), Kittitas Superior Court Judge Position 2 (Scott Sparks), Court of Appeals, Division 3 District 3 Judge (Rebecca Pennell), Supreme Court Justice Position 4 (Charles W. Johnson) & Postion 7 (Debra Stephens).

Alex Ybarra, Legislative District 13 Position 2 is also running unopposed.

Which races will offer a choice?

Nonpartisan County Positions

Kittitas PUD Commissioner 1, an open seat, has 5 candidates: Rick Catlin, Jim Henderson, Ron V. Mitchell, Patrick Kelleher, Tom Morris.

Partisan County Positions

  1. County Commissioner, Position 1: incumbent Cory Wright (R) will run against challenger Kristen Ashley (R).
  2. County Commissioner, Position 2: incumbent Laura Osiadacz (R) will face challengers Jerry Martens (R), and Jessica Karraker (R).
  3. County Sheriff: Clay Myers (R) (appointed to complete retired Sheriff Dana’s term) will run for election against challenger Bart Olson (R).
  4. Legislative District 13: incumbent Tom Dent (R) faces challengers Eduardo Castaneda-Diaz (D) and John “the man” Malan (classical democrat).
  5. Congressional District 8: incumbent Dr. Kim Schrier (D) will face 7 challengers: James Mitchell (D), Corey Bailey (I), Jesse Jensen (R), Ryan Dean Burkett (no pref), Dave Saulibio (R), Keith Arnold (Trump Rep), Keith R. Swank (D).

Judicial Positions (nonpartisan)

  1. Supreme Court Justice Position 3: incumbent Raquel Montoya-Lewis will square off against David Larson.
  2. Supreme Court Justice Position 6: incumbent Helen Whitener will face challenger Richard S. Serns.

Nonpartisan Statewide Race

Superintendent of Public Instruction: incumbent Chris Reykdal faces 5 challengers, Ron Higgins, Maia Espinoza, Stan Lippmann, David Spring, Dennis Wick.

Partisan Statewide Races

  1. Attorney General: incumbent Bob Ferguson (D) faces 3 challengers: Matt Larkin (R), Mike Vaska (R), Brett Rogers (R).
  2. Commissioner of Public Lands: incumbent Hilary Franz (D) faces 6 challengers: Cameron Whitney (R), Steve Sharon (R), Kelsey Reyes (L), Maryam Abasbarzy (R), Sue Kuehl Pederson (R), Frank Wallbrown (D).
  3. Governor: incumbent Jay Inslee (D) faces 35 challengers: Alex Tsimerman (stand up America), Phil Fortunato (R), Ryan Royals (unaffiliated), Lisa Thomas (no preference), Leon Anon Lawson (Trump Rep), Henry Clay Dennison (Socialist Workers), Tim Eyman (R), Liz Hallock (Green), Goodspaceguy (Trump Rep), Omari Tahir Garrett (D), Don L Rivers (D), Martin L. ‘Iceman’ Wheeler (R), Raul Garcia (R), Tylor Grow (R), Winston Wilkes (Propertarianist), Brian R. Weed (no preference), Thor Amundsen (I), Gene Hart (D), William (Bill) Miller (American Patriot), Matthew Murray (R), Dylan B. Nails (I), Cameron M. Vessey (no preference), David W. Blomstrom (Fifth republic), Anton Sakharov (Trump Rep), Craig Campbell (no preference), Nate Herzog (pre2016 Rep), Cregan M. Newhouse (no preference), Ian Gonzales (R), Cairo D’Almeida (D), Elaina J. Gonzalez (I), Joshua Freed (R), David Voltz (Cascadia Labor), Joshua Wolf (New Liberty), Loren Culp (R), Richard L. Carpenter (R), Bill Hirt (R).
  4. Insurance Commissioner: incumbent Mike Kreidler (D) will face two challengers, Anthony Welti (L), Chirayu Avinash Patel (R).
  5. Lt. Governor: open seat with 12 candidates. Joseph Brumbles (R), Jared Frerichs (L), Ann Davison Sattler (R), James R. Rafferty (D), Marko Lilas (D), Matt Seymour (L), Steve Hobbs (D), Michelle Jasmer (D), Bill Penor (R), Richard (Dick) Muri (R), Denny Heck (D), Marty McClendon (R).
  6. Secretary of State: incumbent Kim Wyman (R) faces 3 challengers, Ed Minger (I), Gentry Lange (Progressive), Gael Tarleton (D).
  7. State Auditor: incumbent Pat McCarthy (D) faces two challengers, Joshua Casey (D) and Chris Leyba (R).
  8. State Treasurer: incumbent Duane Davidson (R) faces challenger Mike Pellicciotti (D)

Deepest thanks to all those who have made the decision to disrupt their private lives and stand for office. Stay tuned for information regarding upcoming virtual candidates’ forums.

REMINDER: Washington State held its presidential primary back in March so you won’t see any presidential candidates on the August general primary ballot.

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