Try Democracy Rocks! Treasure Hunt!

Help the LWV celebrate Democracy, voting, 100 years of 19th Amendment, and the League of Women Voters.

Download the instructions and treasure log and get a-hunting!

Although we have permission for every single installation location, we are sad to report that some resident(s) evidently aren’t fans of democracy, voting, the 19th Amendment or the League of Women Voters, as several of our treasure hunt installations have already been completely removed.

Since we cannot control what others do, we will adjust our Best Hunter prizes to reflect all participants who turn in a hunt log – no matter how many treasures are found – will be eligible for a prize. If you found a tag before someone removed it, that still counts. Please remember to be respectful at all locations, you are a guest.

I’m Tag 5, I had to move to a LFL in Ellensburg. Can you find me?

Tell us what tag numbers you have already found!  


  1. I walked around downtown Ellensburg today and couldn’t find any! Can you give us any clues?

    • Did you google the term ‘LFL’? There are 15 or 16 in and around Ellensburg 👍

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