Voter Registration and Voter Turnout Increased Over 4 Years

Four years ago, there were 23, 078 registered voters in Kittitas County and just over a third of them voted in the 2016 Primary election. 38.o8% to be exact.

In the 2018 Primary, there were 24,732 registered voters and 44.41% voted in the 2018 primary. 1,654 more registered voters than in 2016 and a 6 point improvement in turnout.

In the 2020 Primary election just concluded (and not yet certified), there are 27,863 registered voters and 59% voted. That is 3,131 more voters than 2018 and 4,785 more voters than in 2016. Turnout also improved: over 14 points higher than in 2018 and a whopping 21 points higher than in 2016.

What does this mean? Well, there a more citizens registered to vote, and more of them are actually following through and voting. This can only strengthen our democracy!

In the 2016 general election, over 81% of registered voters in the county turned out. Let’s do better this November. Let’s turn out 90% of the registered voters. We can do it, with YOUR help!

Commit to tagging (and nagging) 5 friends (Your starting 5!) or family members and urging them to register (if they haven’t) and vote on November 3rd!