There are a couple ballot measures for you to consider this year.


Ballot Measure Summary: The legislature enacted a law requiring all school districts to provide comprehensive sexual health education, as defined, beginning in 2021-22 for grades 6-12 and in 2022-23 for grades K-5. Students must be excused from this program if parents so request. The curriculum must satisfy state standards. The content and frequency of providing comprehensive sexual health education would vary by grade level and must include affirmative consent and bystander training. K-3 instruction must be social-emotional learning.

The League of Women Voters Washington Supports Passage of R90 now and Supported ESSB 5395 during the 2020 Legislature: ESSB 5395 would require comprehensive sexual health education with an affirmative consent curriculum in all schools beginning in the 2022/23 school year. This would require a curriculum that is evidence-informed, inclusive for all students, age appropriate, and is consistent with the state health and physical education learning standards. School districts must grant a parent’s request to have their child excused from this class.

One of the goals of ESSB 5395 is the “avoidance of exploitative relationships.” Appropriate sexual health education in schools creates the basic groundwork for achieving these goals to prevent Domestic Violence, Violence to Women and human trafficking. 5395 passed both chambers of the Legislature and the Governor signed it on March 27.

LWV opposes all forms of domestic and international human trafficking of adults and children, including sex trafficking and labor trafficking. We consider human trafficking to be a form of modern-day slavery and believe that every measure should be taken and every effort should be made through legislation and changes in public policy to prevent human trafficking. …. Education and awareness programs on human trafficking should be established in our communities and in our schools. For these reasons, the LWV supports passage of R90. Read more on our position here.


There are 4 advisory votes on the ballot; #32-35. Advisory votes are all that’s left of an initiative passed in 2007 and subsequently declared largely unconstitutional by the courts. Advisory votes are non-binding and regardless of outcome, change nothing. Read more about advisory votes here.


The legislature has proposed a constitutional amendment on investment of public funds. This amendment would allow public money held in a fund for longterm care services and supports to be invested by governments as authorized by state law, including investments in private stocks.
Should this constitutional amendment be: [ ] Approved [ ] Rejected
The LWV of Washington supports passage of this resolution, read more on our position here.

Nonpartisan Review: State Voters Guide
In support of passage: AARP, SEIU, Alzheimer’s Association, Washington Association of Area Agencies on Aging, Washington Healthcare Association; Follow the Money
Opposed to passage; two state senators; Follow the Money