From the LWV WA Lobby Team: Legislation supported by LWV that has not made it out of committee and must do so by Feb. 15th.


HB 1084 (Companion to bill SB 5093.) Reducing statewide greenhouse gas emissions by achieving greater decarbonization of residential and commercial buildings. Carbon dioxide released from fuel used in buildings is a large part of our total state release of our greenhouse gases. Ensuring we begin reducing this source requires an early start to retrofitting heating and other existing systems and installing low carbon systems in new buildings. To achieve the 2050 climate goals, we must avoid stranding investments in current technologies as we construct new buildings, Scheduled for a vote in the House Committee on Environment & Energy on 2/9 at 8:00 am (but that date could slip to 2/11 or 2/12). You can find links to Committee member profiles on this page, find their email address and send members a request to vote for this bill in committee. It’s best if you speak for yourself and tell them why this bill is important.

HB1050 – Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from hydrofluorocarbons. Many of the working fluids in our air conditioning and heat pump systems are far more powerful greenhouse gasses than carbon dioxide. Hydrofluorocarbons are a powerful greenhouse gas that replaced chlorofluorocarbons to preserve the protective ozone layer of upper atmosphere. We must now enable replacement and control of hydrofluorocarbons as we invest in clean energy sources and in systems that need such working fluids. Scheduled for Appropriations Committee vote on 2/11. Click here to comment on this bill.


SHB 1168  Wildfire Response, Forest Restoration and Community Resilience Act (Cosponsored by Representative Dent). Combines many of the agency’s priority programs, increasing wildfire preparation personnel and equipment, shortening at risk forest restoration programs and increasing rural jobs. The 2020 wildfire season was the most destructive yet, overwhelming DNR’s firefighting personnel and equipment and showed that the treatment timeline for at-risk forests must be accelerated. Request for a dedicated fund for $125 million per biennium from general fund will be the challenge. After an extensive debate and agreement this was a vote on policy, not funding, a substitute bill by Rep. Springer passed out of the committee 12Y, 3N. Bill sent to House Appropriations Committee. Pry this bill out of committee by making your support known by contacting committee members here. You can let Representative Dent know of your support for this bill here (click on the Comment on this bill button).