This week will be the second of two weeks dedicated to floor action, where legislators are debating and voting on bills that have proceeded through the committee processes and made it this far. The cut-off for passing bills in the house of origin is March 9. Only bills necessary to implement the budget can survive this deadline. After March 9, committees will commence consideration of bills that were passed by the other chamber. The House will be considering Senate bills and vice versa.

Tell your Legislators we need restrictions on police use of force

It is time to strengthen safeguards for the public against use of force by law enforcement officers and protect the most vulnerable. House Bill 1310 would achieve that goal by requiring officers use force only as a last resort: When it is necessary to prevent serious bodily injury or death. This is the legal standard that should govern officers’ interactions with the public, one which makes human life paramount in public safety. Click this link to ask your representatives to vote yes on HB 1310!

Pass the capital gains tax

The proposed capital gains tax, Senate Bill 5096, is needed to both generate additional revenue and help reverse the upside-down tax code in Washington state. This tax would only apply to the people at the top 1% of income, who have the means to pay. This measure has been contemplated for several years. This year, with the clear highlighting of wealth and racial inequities by the COVID pandemic, it is time to act. It would help fund education and address other financial needs of the state. Ask Senator Warnick to vote yes on SB 5096.

Help pass the environmental justice bill on Senate floor

The environmental justice bill, Senate Bill 5141, is on the Senate floor. Ask your senator to press for a vote because all voices must be heard so all lives can flourish. Ask Senator Warnick to vote yes on SB 5141.

Help pass the public bank

Consideration of a public bank for Washington state has gone on for 10 years or more. A public bank would allow public funding to be pooled for infrastructure loans and bonding at much lower rates than are currently possible in the private sector bank system. This could increase the state and local governments’ capacity for financing infrastructure. Senate Bill 5188 has a chance of passing this year. Please support this bill.

Visit the LWVWA Current Actions page to learn more